Cuba: Revolution of millions?

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At 14:13 21-06-96 +0200,  Robert Malecki wrote:

>>>Only a state cap could come up with some crumbs handed to the
workers in
>>>Canada by the bougeoisie and its partners and the real struggle
that took
>>>place in Cuba involving millions of workers.
>>How, when, where and in what were these millions involved?
>OK, Didn,t somebody recently post some real long documents on the Cuban
>Trade Unions. All of the Cuban reforms after taking power was a process
>involving millions of people. Or do you think they were served to them by
>Fidel. True the reason we say that Cuba is a "deformed" workers state
>because it was not a workers revolution. But a guerrilla army that
led the
>assault. But the Nationalisations and block committees and health
care etc.
>involved millions of people. It also destroyed the capitalist class
in Cuba
>and went into a transitional type state. Although in a bureaucratic

Sudden change of terms from "millions of workers" to "millions of
people"? Don't you usually keep these terms quite distinct??

The Social Democratic welfare states also "involve" millions of
people, even of workers. Also in health care. What was built in Cuba
*after* the revolution were organs for class collaboration, not organs
for class power. Sometimes such argans can be quite democratic - as
long as they don't touch on the basic conditions.

The millions were not involved in *taking* these reforms - so more or
less they *were* served to them by Fidel. The capitalist class was not
destroyed - in a situation of internal collapse - as soon as the new
regime had taken over sugar production (some 90% of national exports).
Castro had not wanted it so, but internal collapse, the depence of the
bourgeoisie on the US-links, and finally amplified by US blockade made
it happen so.

This in no way takes away the obligation of socialists to defend Cuba
tooth and nail against imperialism. But the worst thing we could do to
aid this defence would be to paint Castros Cuba red. Read your Lenin
on this.

I long for Louis's investigations about similarities and differences
between Costa Rica and Cuba. What would your position have been if
Castro had not found out two years after the revolution ... whoops
that it was communist?

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