Malecki, have mercy

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Sun Jun 23 00:48:09 MDT 1996


It doesn't escape one's attention that you have a lot of time to post. Which
of course you have a right to.

But, can you at least stop including the whole text of a previous post when
you simply want to give a thumbs up, or thumbs down. Please.

Just "Malecki agrees with post re:...", or "does not agree with post re:
..." would be completely sufficient, and your message would not be lost on
anyone who cared.

At least consider this. Here, I try to help out people with internet access,
since it is within the scope of my profession. The length of the digest
causes some problems of access in Turkey, for people who go through
universities to get dial-up internet access. Maybe, we can help spare them
the agony of spending time to download- only to realise they've read it all

So, kindly delete the text of the post you are replying to, if all you want
to make is an affirmative or negative statement of agreement.


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