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What level of consumotion can socialism uphold. Let's not forget that measures
of consumption are a result of capitalist society. If I stay at home and cook a
meal, that makes les consumption than if I go and buy one in the chinese
restaurant down the road... but (If I have the time) is it really a lower
standard of living ?
	Socialism is about putting the intelligence of productive human beings in
charge of production and distribution. They will work out how not to fuck up the
environment, not because they have been taught environmental consciousness, but
because it is obvioulsy a bad idea for all concerned. A lot of the arguments
about "watch out, wocialism won't be able to sustain all your cars" have a
subtext which is in agreement with capitalist ideology : workers are stupid and
will therefore want four cars each if they have the power. But workers ain't so
dumb, and those who are concerned about evrybody wanting three cars can really
relax and take it easy.
John Mullen
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