Louis whines on

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Jun 23 03:04:18 MDT 1996

Louis writes;
>Also, I think that most of us realize that Robert Malecki is a real
>nuisance. People with some kind of moral authority should be able to
>get this blithering idiot to exercize a little self-discipline. The last
>time I saw somebody on this list who posted so frequently without actually
>being in a dialog, let alone a debate with someone, was the unfortunate
>Jim Jawezcki.

I see that 11 years in the American SWP has not entirely left Louis
untouched. Now when Louis is under attack the need for expulsions, cenorship
etc. are coming to the fore here.

Quite interesting. Guess my days on the list are numbered. But i will do my
best until the SWP axe falls..

Warm Regards

Do the State capitalists on this list think that gagging people will help
solve the problems here? Hugh what do you think?

Personally, being thrown off this list by a former SWPer and the maoists
would not surprise me at all...

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