Adolfo takes a step!

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Sun Jun 23 03:10:09 MDT 1996


You wrote on 22.06 i.a.:

>Christ, it must be boring for Aldolfo these days. Quispe has left to do some
>serious defense work. Martens and Aldolfo are like cats and dogs. Of course
>he has Godena and Jay. But that is no challenge to his intellectual
>capacity. Too bad Aldolfo that you wound up on the "Maoist" fringe. You
>could have done better with your talent..
>Warm regards
>malecki in exile....

It's good you're keeping on attacking us and trying to sow
dissension. Some people seem to be getting bored with the stuff.
I for one am not. There even was someone who, pointing at the
volume of your writing, wanted it to be reduced or even somehow
forcibly stopped. I'm absolutely against such things. As for
"moderators", they can go moderate themselves, *I* think.
The biggest possible torrent of abuse from the opposition
absolutely must be a good thing, and there's also the
possibilty that I, for instance, will be making some mistakes
or other (if I'm not already making them) - then it's good
to have some sharks ready to try to exploit them to the full!
Other people then run less risk of overlooking such mistakes.
Guardian angel Malignki, please go on writing!

Rolf M.

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