Handling aol harrassment

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Sun Jun 23 03:39:40 MDT 1996

I think we are becoming  more sophisticated about
handling harrassment through aol, and I welcome Louis P's
thoughtful reponse to this, and his contacts, which look

The subject has overlapped once again with a review of the
pros and cons of moderation. Although it is interesting
why this has come up at this time, I suggest we concentrate
on making progress rather on one or two practical points. I hope
Louis might consider disussing the technical questions with
Hans Ehrbar, who I deduce has been doing a lot of work
behind the scenes tidying up the archives, and now is in
the best position perhaps to discuss with Spoons whether
some adjustments are acceptable within their framework.

I would warn that if any proposal requires checking
requests for subcription, or putting a time delay on them, or
whatever might require more time, I suspect volunteers might
be needed. We cannot expect the spoons rota, that checks
applications for the technical viability of their address, could
take on more work on our behalf.

Concerning moderation, I rather agree with Kevin at present. I
certainly feel happier  now and I think spoons philosophy
has a lot of relevance that this is in reality an open, self-
moderated l'st, in which everyone, including Louis P and Kevin
play a part.

3 marxism l'sts sounds good. I hope as we settle down and
get more confident in the different roles of the different l'sts,
people will be more relaxed about cross fertilisation. Certainly
I continue to believe the format of this l'st is basically a
creative one, a sort of cross roads to which all tendencies
have access, even if at times it is chaotic. It becomes at its
best a sort of workshop in which anyone can test out their
ideas of how to apply marxism, and the range of posssibilities
gradually gets clarified.

Chris Burford

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