Peasant armies in Cuba?

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Sun Jun 23 04:06:19 MDT 1996


>Wow, a revolution fought and won by petty bougeois intellectuals all by
>themselves incredible. But not true.
>Some of my childhood friends worked very closely with the Cubans in some
>very funny ways. However i,m sure they can tell you that the guns that were
>being smuggled to Castro, never enough by the way, were certainly going into
>a lot of peoples hands who certainly were not your everyday intellectual. I
>think they called them landless peasants and peasants that worked on the
>huge plantations owned by United fruit and the sugar companies..In fact
>because there were never enough guns they were armed with machetes. The
>typical werapon of the petty bougeois intellectuals obviously..

I'm flabbergasted. I couldn't agree with you more on this one. I don't
harbor the prejudices against petty bourgeois intellectuals so common on
this list (perhaps for many it's something like the "self-hating Jew"
syndrome Marx supposedly suffered from), but the world has never seen, and,
I imagine, will never see, an armed overthrow of a national government
carried out purely by petty bourgeois intellectuals.


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