Louis and an idea which is not helpful and solves nothing

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sun Jun 23 04:12:06 MDT 1996

>>No, I am for Marxism 1 to stay as it is.  I am also ready to debate and hold
>>seminars with any serious Marxist on the burning issues of the revolution.
>>I have no interest in debating sectarians and crackpots, nor people who only
>>promise pie in the sky, nor reactionary wits with no contribution worth a
>>candle or not available at the cheap end of anti-communist propaganda in the
>>bourgeois bookshops.  For those like Zeynep, You, Doug, Godena, Jay,
>>Campbell, Kates, Tony Frosino, Rahul (one always needs a moral opinion, and
>>the man is honest!), maybe our Boddi friend too if he wants to and he
>>promises to keep to one theme and behave himself in a democratic centralist
>>manner.  Maybe a couple of others too if they apply for particular seminars
>>and those above can agree to their presence or to debate what they propose.
>>That will be Marxism 3, a place dedicated to the revolutionary current of
>>Marxism, to the scientific ideology of the proletariat and to serve the
>>world revolution.   But the clowns can stay here in old Marxism 1 and hurl
>>mud pies at each other until kingdom come.  If good people were to wander
>>in, they will see what we can produce collectively and if they want to join
>>us, they can apply once we decide to invite them.
>Aldolfo at least is against moderating and gagging m1. His conclusion is and
>M3 moderated list for his little exclusive group. I notice that it is just
>those that haven,t attacked Aldolfo are on..
>Obviously the pressure is on now. Our "marxist" heros are running for cover
>or trying to gag the debate.
>Interesting though that Aldolfo who loves to *play* with malecki is also
>beginning to run for cover. *Actions* Adolfo are much louder then words..
>Warm Regards
>malecki in exile

Don't dream Malecki.  Selecting people who can be productive for the
revolution and inviting them where roaches can not foul the atmosphere does
not in any way mean that we are not going to ALSO stay around in the
"outside patio of the University" with the red boot at the ready to squish
you as many times as it takes!  One must always keep the roach infestation
to a reasonable level, even in the patio (marxism 1).  What I am proposing
is a school for Marxists - excluding the phonies, the sectarians with ALL
the answers, and the enemies of the revolution and police agents.  That is
Leninism for you, but you would not recognise Leninism even if it stepped on
you.  That kind of a roach you are, a cartoon one.


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