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Sun Jun 23 08:10:00 MDT 1996

Mr. Malecki:  I have read your post making a "human rights" appeal on behalf
of the hapless Mr. Calero (Slazar Clareo, or Calero Salazar - now he has
three different names!).  I do not know if you are sincere.  Any one can see
my reasons for my doubts about your intentions.  I'll list them here:

You hate all Maoists with equal gusto. The only exceptions, are police
agents as proven by the own admission of the Fujimori agent "WP" (Quispe) of
having fingered this person 20 good days in advance of his detention.  Even
you have now to admit that what we said is absolutely true!

Now, your friend "Quispe" is saying that this Calero is not one of those he
fingered on May 10.  However, on June 9, posting as Ccorimanya: Quispe
confirmed to the INS that Calero was indeed one of his "MPP comrades"
"wanted by the Fujimori regime".  So he is lying on that one too and has
indeed used this list to FINGER people and to CONFIRM the identity of one
person as the one "wnated for extradition by the Fujimori regime", his real

Here we have a problem of understanding.  If Mr. Calero is what Quispe says,
then he is not, nor can he be anything else, but a capitulator and police
agent himself.  No revolutionary has any obligation to defend police agents
who are in fact working hard in getting themselves extradited IN ORDER TO
ESTABLISH A LEGAL PRECEDENT favourable to fascist legislation.

They are not the target but the TOOLS of the reactionaries.  The real target
is the establishment of a FASCIST LEGAL PRECEDENT that can be used against
the Peruvian community (and the wide masses) at large.

Here we have a case of an organism set up by a mysterious Yankee moneybags
going by the name of "Dan Axtell".  An organism which defends the black gang
of capitulators working for Fujimori's "peace agreement" plot based in Seden
and headed by the known agent Javier Esparza and his sidekick of many years
Those people are targetting the internationally recognised voice of the
anti-Fujimori camp, El Diario Internacional.  You are no Maoist, so, for you
an outfit like New Flag can be compared to El Diario like apples and pears,
but for Maoists that is like comparing a Fujimori leaflet signed PCP
(something which in Peru is daily distributed by the intelligence service
SIN), with a real PCP document.  If you had a little common sense, you would
realise how you are being dragged into doing police work for FREE!.

If Committee Sol Peru in London, who has an internationally recognised
spokesman - precisely to prevent falsifications - says Calero has nothing to
do with the PCP, and that he is either a capitulator and/or a desserter, or
a dupe in the hands of an agency of Fujimori and the US imperialists bent on
VALIDATING a fascist extradition law by INTENTIONALLY giving the INS ALL the
arguments it needs to WIN THE CASE IN COURT, arguments which are precisely
based in the false premise that the so called "MPP-USA" of which, by
Quispe's own admission of June 9, Calero is indeed a member, the only way to
Quispe to admit that such an MPP has nothing to do with the PCP, but is in
fact a creation of the capitulators and police agents working for Fujimori!

Then Calero would indeed be just a dupe, and you, the Jesuits and the
Amnesty International people can defend him until kingdom come in good
conciensce and we would not object.

That Quispe is working for Fujimori is an unshakeable conviction among
Maoist everywhere by now.  Those who deny this fact, proven NOW beyond doubt
by his own admission as the FINGERER OF CALERO, AND proven too as THE
CONFIRMER of his identity by his posting of June 9 are in fact collaborating
OBJECTIVELY with the repression of the imperialists.  Whether that objective
collaboration goes on to become conscious and therefore to ruin even the
flimsy reputation of progressives of people like you, will of course be your
own responsibility.

Here I will limit myself to pointing out what is wrong with your line of
argument and in centering on the individual "Calero" as the target of the

In Peru there is a People's War and there is a fascist dictatorship. There
are thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of war.  Everyone
familiar with the last three years of developments in Peru has seen how the
regime has broken a few of these prisoners and turned them into their own
agents of repression and subversion against the PCP. In this the hand of US
imperialism is fully involved.  Many true revolutionaries have been tortured
to death by these capitulators. This is no "ideological dispute", it is a
matter of life and death - not for one indidividual - but for the masses.

The thousands of true revolutionaries and loyal communists imprisoned by the
regime do not have anything to protect them from their butchers but the
strenght of the PCP and its capacity to exact tit for tat punishment upon
the reactionary forces.

A capitulator - or dupe of Quispe - like Calero is not in this situation.
His protection comes from the fact that it is the US regime who is holding
him in a pre-arranged charade, and in any case, his return to Peru (which
his "lawyers" have announced as nearly "inevitable" already) would take
place under the glare of publicity, unlike the case of the thousands of
loyal prisoners who have no such privilege and are murdered by the
"comrades" of Esparza and the Quispes in total secrecy.  Moreover, even in
Peru, a form of trial would have to be given to Calero under the press eye.
Even Fujimori could not get away with giving a totally secret trial to an
"extraditee" from the US judicial system.  Who has had that privilege in
Peru?  Not even Chairman Gonzalo!

So, for us, unmasking the Fujimori agency is the main task in protecting the
people.  Because it is this agency which is fingering and identifying the
targets for SIN and the Fujimori regime in the US and other parts of the
world. It is this agency which is working night and day in organising
LEGALLY this delivery of a "certified" package to Fujimori WITH THE AIM OF
ESTABLISHING A LEGAL PRECEDENT for fascist legislation.

The so-called Committee to Defend "Julian" is nothing but another front of
Dan Axtell and Quispe and his little group of capitulators at the service of
Fujimori.  This we will also demonstrate as well when that coward shows his
face under any of his aliases.

They are not defending the anti-fascist principles which concern ALL the
progressive and democratic forces.  On the contrary, they are conceding them
in advance by claiming that "nothing can be done" in that GENERAL
ANTI-FASCIST FRONT, while resorting to precisely the necessary actions to
sink the asylum seeker Calero into Fujimori's hands with all the necessary
legal requirements in order to SERVE THE INTERESTS OF US IMPERIALISM AND THE

Calero, the poor asylum seeker "caught between two fires" is nothing but a
body behind which these police agency wants to protect itself from exposure,
just like plane hijackers do.  "If you hit me, Calero gets it"! That is
their tactic. I understand the human rights people would center on an
individual's fate. That is their business and corresponds well to their

We, communists, are MORE concerned with those who this gang are RIGHT NOW
setting up for the chopper. We are concerned with ordinary Peruvians that
may be deluding themselves thinking that these people are "defending them",
when in fact they are selling them out under our OWN EYES.  They have
already fingered THREE and confirmed ONE. So, no surprises would be
justified there in the future, either.

But above all, we are concerned with the defence of democratic rights. With
the gains of the proletariat within this bourgeois democracy - something
that has been paid for in blood and was not granted from heaven - and
something tooo which precisely this police agency is conspiring against,
together with the fascist circles of US imperialism and the Fujimori regime.

As comrade Dimitrov said:  "Whoever does not fight the reactionary measures
of the bourgeoisie and the growth of fascism at these preparatory stages IS
FACILITATES THAT VICTORY".  Obviously, Dimitrov is not Malecki's comrade.
But he is Chairman Gonzalo's, the PCP and ours!

We are for a United Front in defence of ALL the prisoners of war and
political prisoners, persecuted people, etc.,  both in Peru and abroad.  We
are for a United Front to fight the fascist legislation inside and outside
the courthouse, with or without Calero, or any other individual.  We are for
standing up FOR THOSE PRINCIPLES that actually oppose the growth of fascism
However, the Fujimori agency opposses this kind of United Front.  Sows
contradictory information precisely in order to prevent a principled
movement of OPPOSITION to this fascist development from arising, centering
all in one individual's fate, which they themselves have landed in trouble,
first and foremost by claiming to have THEMSELVES a connection with the PCP
that is totally bogus, as demonstrated fully by us to the SATISFACTION of
real Maoists and serious progresive minded people everywhere.

Regardless of Calero's personal fate,  (AND THE RESPONSABILITY FOR WHATEVER
HAPPENS FOR HIM IS ALSO ALREADY CLEAR as far as WHO fingered him), we will
continue to develop this front ourselves, and at present we are doing the
preliminary work precisely by EXPOSING the police agents using the fate of
individuals to validate the fascist regime.

We are against the extradition of Calero ONLY on the grounds that the whole
thing is nothing but a FUJIMORI plot arranged before hand.  Another plot
inspired in the same method of the "peace letters" fraud.  We oppose the
success of this plot ONLY because it would give Fujimori what he wants!  An
in that, we must oppose precisely those who, as anyone with access to the
record of what has been published in this list can see for himself or
herself, are ACTUALLY WORKING for Fujimori's success with no holds barred.

That is why, if anyone wants to defend the individual Calero, a flat denial
>from Committee Sol Peru in London that Calero has any connection with the
movement to support the People's War in Peru, is the best legal basis for
those interested in the fate of this one individual.  By doing this, we also
deny Fujimori his victory, since his "success in extraditing Calero" would
be completely bogus too!.

Only by exposing the bogus "MPP USA" as a Fujimori creation and a dependancy
of the Esparza/Co-Rim creation "Sol Rojo", can Calero be presented as what
he really is: a dupe!  A dupe of unscrupulous agents of a fascist
dictatorship. Dupes also have human rights under bourgeois law.  That is
your rationale, malecki, for defending him as a victim of fascism.  Go ahead
by all means, if you are sincere in what you say, and only trying to protect
"Quispe" and his police operations.

We have many other lives of sincere and upright people to worry about BEFORE
we worry too much about a man like Calero, who as we have proven, is already
quite in a privileged position, even though he is in jail. To start with,
just right in your own Swedish backyard there are sincere Peruvian students,
legitimate people in their asylum rights, who are in fact in a worse
personal situation than Calero.  Some in fact have already been returned to
Peru, and suffered untold tortures, as already reported by El Diario

Adolfo Olaechea

PS: FOR JESUITS:  In case our turn come to be "extradited", do not worry for
us. We will defend ourselves as communists and democrats.  We need not curry
favour with Labour MPPs nor stoop to gather the signatures of people like
Chris B!, or even solicit the candle vigils of AI.  It is totally up to
these to take whatever position suits them best in that eventuality.

We, on our part, have examples to follow and live up to, Chairman Gonzalo,
and Dimitrov.  We have our forces to rely on as well, the proletariat and
the people.  None of us has any pretence of being part of the PCP.  We are
Maoists in our own right.  Both, us and the PCP, belong to the same
International Communist Movement.  That is why we have no need to know "what
the PCP really thinks"!.  We know that the PCP thinks in Maoist terms!  The
PCP and Maoism are inseparable.   We know who our comrades are, and who are
our enemies are too, all too well!  So, keep your homilies to yourselves and
save us the smirks.

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