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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Jun 23 08:50:10 MDT 1996


Haven,t you got this stuff a bit backwards. It appears to me at least here
in Sweden it is the capitalists and imperialists who are for Nuclear energy.
In cluding the Social Democratic majority.

But it is true that the want to close down plants in Russia. Naturally they
raise the "dangerous" envionmental aspects however its the atomic bombs they
really want to dismantle..

As far as the third world goes I tend to agree that the envionmentalists are
pushing for solutions completely unacceptable out of a social viewpoint. For
example calling for the closing of refrigeration based on Neons. In some
places in Africa where refrigeration is really important this is the
tecnology they have and now are being told by the west that its no good.
True, perhaps. However i don,t see the west wanting to give them a better
technology for free to replace the old one..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile..

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