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Solidarity Message from Canada

"The People's War in Peru is a Powerful Inspiration"

The Group Action Socialiste send a loud and clear salute for the 16th
Anniversary of the People's War masterfully led by the Communist Party of
Peru and its courageous combatants.

Within a context in which imperialism is attempting to impose their law
against the entirity of the worlds' people and to take advantage of the old
and moribund revisionism, the People's War led by the PCP proves once again
that the will for emancipation and for struggle on the part of the exploited
classes remains in perfect health.  It is for this reason that the People's
War is a powerful inspiration for all those suffering oppression and misery,
both in Peru and in the whole world.

Above all, the People's War and the countless victories achieved by this
process, brilliantly demonstrate the strenght of the revolutionary ideology
of the proletariat and the need to embrace and embody it.  That means, to
uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism against all reformist betrayals, revisionists
and opportunists.

Allow us to take the opportunity afforded by this occassion to re-affirm our
deepest sense of solidarity with the Communist Party of Peru, its Central
Committee, its militants.  Until final victory!

Long Live the Glorious Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the 16th Anniversary of the People's War!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live the Central Committee of the Action Socialiste Group!

Canada, May 27, 1996

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The IV Extended Session of the Supreme National Organism (OSN) of the
Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Movement of Bolivia (MCM-Maoista) declares:


1.  With warm and fervent internationalist sentiment we salute the XVI
Anniversary of the initiation of the armed struggle (ILA) which is embodied
in the People's War, a process led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and
brilliantly guided by its leader, our dear, respected and heroic Chairman
Gonzalo. This is a war at present advancing victorious and forceful
construction and development of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the
Front of People's Liberation (FPL) according to the resolutions sanctioned
at the glorious III Plenary Session of the Central Committee of PCP.  It is
a war that, within the stage of strategic equilibrium, is developing mobile
warfare and dealing ever more demolishing and sure blows against the rotten
old Peruvian state headed by the tyrant and quisling Fujimori.  It is a war
that is giving impetus to the preparations for insurrectionary action,
latying the basis for going over to the strategic offensive aimed at the
conquest of power nationwide, and unstoppably advancing towards the future
birth of the People's Republic of Peru.

Also, in this all important moment, in this decisive and glorious period of
the Peruvian revolution, that our most elevated sentiments and thoughts be
to be alonside Chairman Gonzalo, the people of Peru, the Communist Party of
Peru, the People's Liberation Army, the People's Front of Liberation, and
the political prisoners and prisoners of war.  All of these organisms and
people, have proven themselves to have been able to embody the supreme,
historical and legitimate aspirations of the oppressed peoples of Peru.

Bolivia, May 1996


Since 1992 the Fujimori regime has been carriying out a heavily funded
campaign to publicise his so called "defeat of Shining Path".  The target
date of July 1995 as the "final official deadline" to "bury the Maoist
guerilla" was most widely trumpeted.  This alleged "defeat of Shining Path",
as with all Fujimori style lies, has already proven to have no basis in reality.

It has been the impact of real life that has shown that the People's War led
by the Communist Party of Peru is enjoying very much a healthy life.  The
passage of time has finally demonstrated that the People's War, as a social
and political phenomena, is far above Fujimori's lies and mis-information

To deal with this theme we call to the witness stand the very well known
columnist of the right wing Peruvian magazine Caretas, Mr. Fernando Rospigliosi.

In his "confessionary", Mr. Rospigliosi, ends willy nilly admitting - like a
good church mouse - that there is Communist Party and guerillas in perfectly
good shape for a long time to come.  Willy, nilly, too, Rospigliosi's
confessions serve to give the clearest mentis to all those scribblers
earning their beans by spreading the falacious idea that "Shining Path has
been defeated".


"The electrical black-out began at the small hours of the morning of
Saturday May 18 and lasted for a couple of days in some districts of the
capital, Lima. Officially, the explanation given was that there was a
"technical fault".  This, by chance, occurred while Shining Path was in
explosive celebration of the 16th Anniversary of the initiation of the armed
struggle with a series of actions as we had not seen for a long time".

"It is probable, then, that the popular feeling attributing the electrical
black-out to Shining Path is correct and that the official versions are
beginning once again to ressemble those that at the beginning of the 80s
tried to minimise the guerilla actions in order not to scare the population,
or for purposes of preserving the foreign image of the country".

"The fact is that Shining Path is already on the way back, and they are back
in more than one sense...... with the assassination of Pascuala Rosado they
began in March, continuing with a series of less important actions, then
they carried out a general display of red hammer and sicle flags for the 1st
of May, seriously injuring a policeman from the UDEX (T.N Anti-Explosive
unit of the police) and then killing a supporter of the "peace agreement"......"

"...... car bombing of the Shell Oil Company on Thursday 16, general flag
display in the popular neighbourhoods on Friday the 17th, and then, the
blackout(?) on the early morning of the 18th.  That is not peanuts.

"For official sources, these actions are "remnants", or "last gasps".
Today, we can say, beyond any doubt, that such is not the case.  We are
facing a reconstitution of Shining Path.....".

"In other words, Shining Path has overcome the defeat that for them meant
the capture of their top leadership, and they are growing again, recruiting
new people, training them and sending them into action......"  (Source: All
quotes are from Fernando Rospigliosi, Revista Caretas, May 23, 1996, page 16).

Translated and Published in Internet by
Committee Sol Peru - London
Press Commission

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