Aldolfo should be expelled from the list!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Jun 23 10:20:03 MDT 1996

>Mr. Malecki:  I have read your post making a "human rights" appeal on behalf
>of the hapless Mr. Calero (Slazar Clareo, or Calero Salazar - now he has
>three different names!).  I do not know if you are sincere.  Any one can see
>my reasons for my doubts about your intentions.  I'll list them here:




This is one of the sickness things that you have done on this list. Exposing
"agents of Fujimora", actually a factional war between you and Martens on
one side and Quispe and others on the other side, with no proof but a lot of
screaming on both sides is one thing.

But then using this and indangering peoples lives for factional interests is
blocking with imperialism in America and its courts and endangering the life
of people in real danger in order to get a handle on Quispe..

You are and insane and incredibally sectarian who puts his pride and honor
on Internet before the lives of people theatened with deportation.

At this point you are siding with the cops Aldolfo.

Fuck off Aldolfo..I hate people who side with cops..You should be thrown off
the list you philthy creep. You do not deserve to be on this forum..You have
proved to me that you are the one Aldolfo who is acting along side real cops
in this.You are a liar and a coward who trys to use a mans life to futher
your sick interests..

Aldolfo is playing games with a real persons life!

Defend Salazar from deportation!

Expell Aldofo the from the list..

Robert Malecki

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