Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Jun 23 10:53:48 MDT 1996

To The Marxism lists at Jefferson village...

I Robert Malecki would like it down on the record that i formally demand the
expulsion of Aldolfo O. from the M1 list. He has repeatedly endangered a
persons life who is threatened by deportation from the United States to Peru
for his own fractional interests.

As evidence is the numerous documents that Aldolfo has sent to the list in
his war with the Red Flag people..

I demand this because Aldolfo comtinues to endanger this mans life for
factional interests.

If Aldolfo immediatly apoligises and states that this will stop as of now I
withdraw the demand of expulsion..

With all sincerity
Robert Malecki

<Malecki at>

cc: M2

I apoligise for crossposting. But the matter is very serious!

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