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Democratic and progresive forces of the world,

Finally, we were able to involve the Center of Constitucional Rights
(CCR) and the Office of former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark in the
defense of Julian Calero. The government reluctantly accepted to break
the isolation of almost 2 weeks and allowed to be interviewed for few
minutes with his attorneys. Relatives and friends will also visit him
in the near future. Interestingly enough is that Julian is imprisonned in
the same jail and likely the same cell unit where Joseph Doherty, the Irish
nationalist leader was kept for 6 years. Although the brutal
interrogation, his morale is high. He learned that his
his American friends and other progressive forces all over
the world are protesting against the arbitrary detention. A large campaign
in coalition with many progressive organizations are being carried out.
An interview was conducted by WBAI pacifica radio in a favorable light, also
two newspapers of CT have printed objective stories, more publicity work
will be done. At the celebration of the Day of Heroism on June 17 at the
NJ Public Library about 100 people committed themselves to spread out
protests for the release of Julian. Also the leadership of MOVE, the
organization in defense of Mumia, will support our campaign.

The Fujimori regime, currently facing large mass protests and the offensive
of the Maoist rebels, is urging the deportation of Julian to use it as a
psychological warfare against supporters of the revolution.

We appreciate your participation in the first rally on Friday June 28
(4PM) at the Doherty Corner (between Park Row & Pearl Street, Manhattan.
Take train 6, 4, or 5 to City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge.

Once again, here is the official press release sent to the New Flag by
the Committee of friends and relatives of Julian Calero based in Connecticut.

                    Contact: Robert de La Cruz (203) 732-9754

                        URGENT PRESS RELEASE


Democratic and progressive forces in the world,

On Thursday May 30th, 1996, Julian Calero-Salazar, a Peruvian citizen
residing legally in the United States, was arrested by agents of the FBI while
he was attending an on-going hearing on his application for political asylum at
26 Federal Plaza, NYC. There was not a legal warrant for his arrest, except a
request for his extradition by the Peruvian government headed by Peru's
dictator Alberto Fujimori. If he is deported, the U.S. Government will be
delivering an innocent man to be imprisoned for life and most likely to be
tortured and killed.

It is public knowledge that Peru's military Courts are run by draconian
"faceless judges" and narcotraffickers who are involved in the most blatant
human rights abuses against the people. In this situation, how is it possible for
the Clinton Administration to hand this innocent person to the "faceless
judges" after the State Department has publicly denounced Peru's violation of
basic international legal rights in the case of US citizen Lori Berenson? How is
it possible for this Administration, that has preached respect for Human Rights
as the cornerstone of its foreign policy, to hand over an innocent campesino to
the death squads and "faceless judges" of the Fujimori regime?

Julian has been unjustly accused of being a member of the "Shining Path" in
Peru which is a total falsehood. Contrary to the unsubstantiated charges of the
Peruvian regime, there is ample evidence that Julian and his family are victims
of a cruel political persecution. He and his family have been victims of a
blatant repression by Fujimori's police and intelligence services (SIN.) All
began in the peasant community of Curi, a highland near Lima. In 1989, cattle
and other livestock were stolen from Julian's farm and the thieves were
arrested by the community. The police, historical allies of thieves and
landowners in the area, entered the community of Curi and threatened to kill
Julian and his family.

The same year, he fled the country and arrived by land in the United States. In
1991, the guerrillas  ambushed the military in the peasant communities of
Caya and Rajanya. Although he was no longer in Peru, he was falsely accused
by the military of participating in this incident. His family went into hiding.
However, in September 1993, his brother-in-law was detained, and was taken
to the police station for interrogation. He died while being tortured. In June
1994, the police found Julian's wife Fresia Calderon Gargate, her elderly
father, and Julian's three children living in a Lima shantytown. She was
arrested under the trumped up charge that she was renting a room to a
"suspected terrorist."  She spent over six months in prison. Senator
Christopher Dodd of Connecticut wrote a letter to the U.S. Embassy
requesting a forthwith factual report on the case, and whether the Peruvian
regime had any conclusive evidence to substantiate the charges against Julian
and his wife. There was none.

The authorities who initially resisted releasing her, rapidly freed her after they
were paid $3,000 by Julian's relatives living in the United States. She
immediately fled to the Danish Embassy and left the country to seek political
asylum abroad, leaving behind their three young children, who are now in
hiding fearing for their lives as well. That's the truth and that's what the press
in the U.S. fails to report. Instead, they repeat a myriad of unsupported
allegations leaked by the Peruvian government to the international press in
order to bolster the regime's counter-subversive propaganda. Amnesty
International has reported that Fujimori jails and murders innocent people to
show the world his "victory over terrorism" (e.g., La Cantuta case.)

There is no due process for this law abiding person who was illegally arrested
in the United States and is being kept in isolation at the Metropolitan
Correctional Center (MCC) in NYC under the inmate number 43027-054.  The
press does not report that Julian was legally working in this country, meeting
his legal obligations and paying taxes like any working class person. That he is
well liked by friends and neighbors in his new home in the Village of Wilton,
Connecticut, who are gathering 5,000 signatures asking the U.S. Government
to release Julian now. The press falsely states that Julian was arrested while
trying to "submit his application for political asylum," but the reality is that
such application was being processed by the USINS since 1994, and he
personally attended previous hearings.

Considering the background of this case, and based on the preponderance of
the evidence, Julian should have been granted political asylum in this country.
However, the Clinton Administration, the United States of America, the
chosen home of victims of Hitler's holocaust, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and
other vicious crimes in the world similar to those of Peru's Fujimori, would
deliver the soft spoken and modest worker Julian Calero Salazar, to a certain
death in the torture chambers of Peru. Joseph Doherty, a known member of
the Irish Republican Army (IRA) extradited by England, was rightfully
allowed more than 6 years to present his case prior to his deportation. But, in
the case of this Peruvian citizen the U.S. Government plans to deport him in
less than two months!  We demand that Julian Calero receive equally ample
time to present his case; that extradition to a country known for gross
violations of the most basic rights, including the right to due process, should
never be allowed. The only just course of action is to grant Calero's Asylum!

Friends of Julian Calero Salazar.

Justice for Julian

8 Huntington St.
Suite 139
Huntington, CT 06484

June 18, 1996.

Join us in a protest rally on June 28, 4-7 PM, at the Joseph Doherty Corner,
Federal MCC, 150 Park Row St. (Between Park Row & Pearl Streets) Take
train No. 4, 5, or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge or City Hall, New York City.

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