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The Strassburg sited European Commission of Human Rights found in favour and
fully justified the complaint presented by Peruvian citizen JORGE ANTONIO
PAEZ against the Swedish Government who denied him political asylum and
pretended to deliver him to the brutal anti-terrorist police of Peru.

In this way, the European Commission puts a stop sign to the Swedish regime
who had been ignoring international law for political refugees.  For a good
time now the authorities in that country have introduced reactionary
legislation aimed at denying, persecuting and jailing political asylum
seekers.  For the Swedish regime, any Peruvian seeking refugee status in
that country is a "terrorist from Shining Path or from the MRTA".

Applying that sinister argument, many Peruvians, at the same time of
receiving expulsion orders were jailed and delivered to the anti-terrorist
police of Fujimori.

In our edition number 28 (February 1996) we published a report under the
heading "Return from Hell".  There we tell the story of a Peruvian citizen
whose via Crucis begins when the Swedish regime denies him political asylum
and he is transported to Lima as a prisoner.  In the airport itself, he is
delivered to the Peruvian anti-terrorist police.  This Peruvian citizen, who
according to the Office for Refugees of the Swedish government had no right
to political asylum, was nearly tortured to death and jailed for a year in
the filthy and diabolic jails in Peru.

In Sweden there are more than 400 Peruvians requesting asylum who are living
a situation of uncertainty and permanent fear. If they are not allowed to be
admitted as refugees, they will be innevitably delivered into the clutches
of the sinister and criminal anti-terrorist police of the Peruvian state.

Some of these Peruvians have said they prefer to die than having to face the
Dante like inferno awaiting them in Peruvian prisons.

Paez's history is identical to that of many Peruvians. He arrived in Sweden
in February 1991.  That is the date he rquested asylum.  In June 1993 he was
denied it for the first time.  In October 1995, the Swedish authorities
reiterated their decision of not granting him his asylum petition. From now
on, only living in hiding was his only option - threatened by capture by the
Swedish police and immediate delivery to Peru. It is within this context
that the intervention of the European Human Rights Commission comes in.

The international precedent being set by the complaint presented by Jorge
Antonio Paez must serve to make an exhaustive and documented denounciation
against the Swedish authorities.

It is right to sit the Swedish authorities responsible in the dock.  The
Swedish government must be held responsible for the abundant moral and
physical damage inflicted to dozens of Peruvian citizens who were unjustly
expelled and delivered to the criminal regime in Peru.


The Peruvian media has publicised the news that Leonidas Centeno Pacheco and
pedro Arevalo Torres have left Peru.  Before their flight, both were leaders
of the Huaycan Community government sponsored council.  Both individuals
arrived in Oslo (Norway) requesting political asylum.

According to the official version, they fled after been threatened with
execution by the Maoist guerillas.  As it is well known

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