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Subject: Critique of  Gotha Prgramme  & state cap.

Dear Walter D., Robert M.,

In our exchange over the transition period from capitalism to
socialism/communism, I think you fellows erred on the issue of labor
 Also Marx and Engels tended to use the term communism (lower/higher phase)and
socialism interchangably  in their  works many times.

I found the reference Walt refers to on Pg 17 (Gotha Programme, Beijing Ed .
where it is true Marx  states as Walt said " But these defects are inevitable in
the first phase of Communist society ....". But look what follows!! " ... as it
is when it has just emerged  from prolonged birth pangs from capitalist society.
Right can never be higher  than the economic structure of society  and its
cultural  developement conditioned thereby. "
Walter's reference is a partial statement    which takes the issue of
remuneration of labor &  phasing out the wages system  out of proper context. It
seems it is the transition stage Marx was referring to.

Marx is clear on this on Pg 15 , "What we have to deal with here is communist
society, not as it has developed on its own foundations , but, on the contrary ,
just as it emerges from capitalist society; which is in every respect,
morally and intellectually, still stamped with the birthmarks of the old society

>from whose womb it emerges."

Well I don't wish this issue to just be "bible quoting" . The  point is also
we probably won't have to deal with as many scarcity problems as Marx thought
would have to be dealt with in the transition period. Marx was it turned out,
overly optimistic  about the speed of the proletariats victory over capitalism.
During the next revolutionary waves of mass struggle , the result may yet
confirm his optimism though.

I hope others on the list will step in , study , and verify.


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