China & Japan

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Sun Jun 23 14:29:03 MDT 1996

In message <960622045226_72763.2240_EHL129-4 at CompuServe.COM> Jon Flanders writes:
>   And keep in mind that the total output of the Chinese economy is something
> like a seventh of that of Japan right now.

IIRC, it is the *per capita* output of China which is about
a 1/7th or an 1/8th of Japan's. It's *total output* is
probably equal to or greater than Japan's by now, given
the 10-15% growth rates which Chinese manufacturing
has been enjoying during much of the 1980s and 90s.

China may have a large economy, but hundreds of millions of
its people are impoverished because of its even larger population.

Michael Lynch

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