The silence is a scandal!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Jun 24 00:27:53 MDT 1996

Hi List,

In the last weeks people have been outspoken on a number of issues. And i
post a formal letter which follows regarding Aldolfo,s using a third person
facing deportation as a factional tool and it is met with silence..This is a

Warm Regards
Robert Malecki

> To The Marxism lists at Jefferson village...
> I Robert Malecki would like it down on the record that i formally demand the
> expulsion of Aldolfo O. from the M1 list. He has repeatedly endangered a
> persons life who is threatened by deportation from the United States to Peru
> for his own fractional interests.
> As evidence is the numerous documents that Aldolfo has sent to the list in
> his war with the Red Flag people..
> I demand this because Aldolfo comtinues to endanger this mans life for
> factional interests.
> If Aldolfo immediatly apoligises and states that this will stop as of now I
> withdraw the demand of expulsion..
> With all sincerity
> Robert Malecki
> <Malecki at>
> cc: M2
> I apoligise for crossposting. But the matter is very serious!

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