Adolfo's Freudian slip

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Mon Jun 24 00:56:20 MDT 1996

>>We need not curry favour with Labour MPPs <<

Part of what is happening is a war of credibility between
the MPP's and the SolPeru's in a situation in which neither side
has reliable channels of communication with the PCP and the
PCP is not issuing battle reports about what it claims responsibility
for and what it does not.

Both Quispe and Olaechea are consistent (and are supported by
the evidence of Simon Strong) that the MPP organisation is meant
to be closest to the leadership of the PCP. It is therefore
all the more interesting that Olaechea denounces both the MPP
Europe and the MPP-USA as bogus, (or worse).

It is interesting that the call for international solidarity with
the PCP around the 17th May is made by the Belgium and London
Sol Peru's, with no statement of support from any MPP. Nor
of course from the PCP, but that could be due to communication

EDI's reports could have been gleaned from many sources and then
written up all as official work of the PCP, with a leftist slant.

Especially critical for this whole solidarity question is
whether the PCP officially wants former members who are in favour
of peace negotiations killed, and whether it wants its supporters
abroad to continue working to some extent for basic democratic rights
with Trotskyists and followers of Avakian.

Probably different members of the clandestine PCP lean different
ways on this, but it is not self evident (as Adolfo claims it is)
that the PCP would necessarily put as primary the organising of
a World Mobilising Commission elevating the PCP to being one of
the foremost champions of Maoism rather than at this stage treating
as primary the organising of broad democratic solidarity work
on the basis of human rights.

This appears to me the political content of the credibility war
between the MPP's and the SolPerus



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