The running Dog was re Rich Getting Richer--NY Times

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Mon Jun 24 02:23:53 MDT 1996

>>Unfortunately what the report left out was that in the U.S. the poor
>>are also getting richer. The bottom 20% today have as much income as
>>those in the top 50% had in the early 1950s.
>>Pretty good progress.
>>What happened to the income levels of people in socialist and
>>communist nations?
>>Brian Carnell         
>I have crossed sabres with non-comrade Carnell before. I am inclined now to
>think that perhaps he performs a useful role on this list.  Ever so often he
>pops up with his grovelling, cringing,  capitalist lap-dog act and makes a
>fool of himself.
>At the same time, however, he succeeds in reminding all and sundry how
>bankrupt are the apologists of Capital.

Now, Gary, is that capital with a big C or a little c?

I think we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the estimable Carnell, however.
I would love to see his sources for this fascinating claim (by the way,
what does it mean -- in toto, per capita, what?). I would be even happier
to see him dance on the question of why he didn't include a similar
comparison with the 1970s. If he then addressed the question of why he
didn't include the third world countries in the sphere of Western
imperialism in his figures so that he could give a real estimate of the
gains, I would just wax ecstatic.

It would also be nice if one of our resident experts (Cockshott, for
example) on communist economics answered his last question.


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