Louis P for Pedant

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Mon Jun 24 12:17:17 MDT 1996

Louis P, in the midst of his usual turf-marking hissing and abuse, writes:

>The apostrophe (') is coupled
>with the double-quote key (") on a computer keyboard.

Not on a Swedish keyboard, it ain't.

He also gives an inadequate account of the use of the apostrophe.

And he writes:

>The comma is used to separate a subclause.

Which is utterly inadequate as a pointer to the use of the comma.


>It is found on the same key as
>the less-than sign "<".)

Not on a Swedish keyboard, it ain't.

So even the most learned of us perhaps has a thing or two to learn before
consigning others to the school bench.



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