State Capitalism and Cuba

Adam Rose adam at
Mon Jun 24 10:30:34 MDT 1996

> Adam and Jorn's problem is that they are much too smug to rely on anything
> except their own party press which they have been conned into believing is
> something like the tablets that Charlton Heston brought down to the
> Israelites. Unfortunately, you will not find any Marxist analysis of Cuba
> or the more contradictory societies like Algeria in their literature.

Umm . . . how do you know ? We have quite a lot, actually.
Precisely how many books on the Iranian revolution do you want ?

But I know that when it comes to central America, whatever statistics or facts
I may give you, you can give me a hundred back.

> The
> reason for this is that their current has a dismissive attitude toward the
> struggles in the Third World. Until the Danish and British workers form
> worker's councils under the leadership of the Cliff acolytes, they don't
> want to be bothered by all those side-shows in places like Cuba and
> Nicaragua.

At this point I am tempted to start swearing, but I shall confine myself
to the observation that our comrades across the world would find this
a little patronising. It's also patronising to me personally, as if I
had never raised the issue of these "side shows" [sic] in the UK.


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