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The editors of El Diario Internacional would like to report to its
readership that from May 6 we have started distribution of Volume II of the
book "People's War in Peru, Gonzalo Thought".

Diverse difficulties have caused the delays in the edition of this book.
Therefore we would like to apologise to all those to whom we have been owing
a copy of this extraordinary compilation of texts from the Communist Party
of Peru.

Brussels, May 5, 1996

PAGE 11 (under bar heading:  Current Affairs)

On the Issue of Peru and Fujimori


On May 16, two representatives of Amnesty International (AI,) made a
declaration of undying love for the criminal Fujimori regime.

Jose Antonio Martin and Peter Archord had the chutzpah of asserting that the
tyrannical regime in Peru has improved its behaviour towards the population,
principally against those involved in opposition political activities and
armed struggle.  Both international functionaries re-affirmed their
recognition for "an improvement in the context of respect for Human Rights
in Peru".

Thse two, people who eke a living draping themselves in the flag of human
rights, ressemble the colonial priests the King of Spain used to send to
"investigate" the massacres against the indigenous populations in the Americas.
These priests would spend a few months in the colonies, and on their return
to Spain, they would cloister themselves in some convent.  There, before
issuing their final "report", they would receive various visitors from among
the imperial court's functionaries.  In the end, their verdicts about the
extermination of the people of the Americas, would be produced to suit the
interests of these powerful patrons.

Jose Antonio Martin (Spanish) and Peter Archord (Argentinian) are the new
breed of Friars of today's Grand Empire.  They make their utterances and
write their reports to suit the customer.  If only these rascals would open
a tiny bit their big round eyes, they would see clearly that today in Peru
brutal and despicable crimes against the population are being committed as
usual.  And here we are not referring to the tragedy of hunger, misery and
impoverishment suffered by over 15 million Peruvians, but only, and
exclussively, to repressive methods that the current regime has turned into
veritable institutional means of clinging to power.

No one with the barest sense of political nous can say that "Fujimori has
improved Human Rights in Peru".  Let us see this fact by reviewing some data:

In Peru's prisons and military barracks nearly 9000 prisoners accussed of
"terrorist" crimes are being held.  The majority of these inmates are humble
peasants falsely accussed of subversive activities.  Nearly everyone of the
women prisoners has been raped by their jailers.  Nearly 200 children aged
12 to 16 are in prison for the mere fact that their parents have taken part
in the guerilla war.

It is no secret that both the anti-terrorist police and the military troops
use kidnapping, torture and murder against anyone they consider "suspects"
or "terrorists".  Today in Peru, any citizen can be accussed of terrorism
and end up condemned to life imprisonment in the twinkle of an eye.

Can anyone speak of respect for human rights when in Peru those accussed of
subversive activities are tried by faceless judges and without access to
legal defense?  What sort of human rights are they talking about when inside
Peruvian jails prisoners are massively murdered, as in May 1992, when under
direct orders of Fujimori nearly 100 prisoners were selectively assassinated?

In this contexts, the prisons in Peru have turned into veritable
concentration camps where prisoners and war prisoners are slowly murdered?
Like nowhere else in the world, prisoners in Peru have no rights of access
to yards, nor can they receive visitors for many years.

These new priests should at least read the statements of Mr. Jimmy Carter
who has denounced Fujimori for not respecting the barest norms of
civilization and who is demanding a new trial for Lori Berenson, the US
citizen that the faceless military judges condemned to life imprisonment.

Universities Under a Military Style Regime

No one, unless is working for the Peruvian regime, can say with any degree
of sincerity that the current Peruvian regime has "improved human rights".
Here we give further examples:

Universities continue to function under military occupation.  The popular
neighbourhoods are still occupied by the armed forces.  Nearly 60% of Peru's
territory is under complete and unrestricted military control where no
civilian power exists.

Judges and officers of the judiciary are directly under the central
government's thumb.  The para-military groups organised and led by the
regime continue to assassinate in the dark of night.  The military assassins
of students, teachers, workers and other citizens, have been given full
amnesty despite the indignation of the Peruvian people.

It is evident that the envoys of Amnesty International have based their
report and their statements on the official government version.  It would be
useful if at least Martin and Archord would have bothered to visit some of
the infernal prisons and torture centers of the Peruvian state.


We like to announce some of the themes which we will begin to deal with in
detail starting with our next edition.  The articles we shall publish are
part and parcel of the defence of the revolutionary process in Peru.  These
would be articles within the context of the struggle against imperialism,
the Peruvian regime and all those trafficking and profiting off the backs of
the long suffering oppressed masses of Peru.

Theme 1:

Do you know what the position of the leaders of the Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement (RIM) was regarding the process of armed struggle
that took place in Europe during the first part of the 80s?  What is the
position of PCP and Chairman Gonzalo on this same issue?

Theme 2:

Which are the genuine generated organisms of the Communist Party of Peru
(PCP) abroad after October 1993?  The truth about mercenaries and
individuals who have been fabricating counterfeit "Peru People's Movements
(MPPs)".  Opportunists, mercenaries, mentally derranged people, or
infiltrated agents?

Theme 3:

Why so much hatred against El Diario Internacional?  What are the objectives
of these pawns of imperialism and the Peruvian regime?


Translated and Published in Internet by
Committee Sol Peru - London
Press Commission

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