What a plonker! Do something useful malecki!

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Mon Jun 24 13:30:32 MDT 1996

>You make call me anything you like my little Stalinist sectarian lizard. But
>stop the stuff around a man who is in prison facing deportation. That kind
>of stuff puts you lower then the MIM who refused to defend Jamal who is
>facing a death penalty..
>As long as the polemics are directed at Me or Luis its just fine. But using
>your factional axe against people in jail facing deportation to Peru is
>malecki in exile aka Aldolfo,s new Fujimora agent...

Unlike you, a liberal to the core, Marxists want to know who is the man they
are suppossed to help.  Not just if he is is imprison.  Some of your antics
with the Vietnamese people could land you in prison, malecki.  But then
there are a lot of roaches there too. You are not dealing with Amnesty
International here, malecki, you are dealing with people who know that to
protect the life of hundreds, thousands and even millions, the important
thing is to establish the facts, and the facts in these case is that it
stinks rancidly of a Fujimori plot.

That for you, an agent of Fujimori like "Quispe" can command any degree of
credibility, when it is clear that he both pointed the finger, as well as
identified the target for this con-game, only demonstrates that idiots and
policemen gravitate together for apparently mysterious reasons that anyone
with an ounce of common sense does not even need to ask why!

Why do you go jump on a lake malecki, or better, take the bonzo road to
Stockholm with your can of petrol and your box of matches, and do something
useful with your life!  After all, think of all the free publicity for your
book and cartoon movies!  What a powerful ending that would be!


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