Cockroach Socialism

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Mon Jun 24 14:09:50 MDT 1996

>One of the shortcomings of Soviet-Union type socialist economies was
>that the elite never trusted the masses.
>On the other hand, in Yugoslavia, where the workers were given some
>say, workers were interested only in the local workplace issues and
>showed little interest in the larger economy-wide issues.  I can
>sympathize with this, because outside the firm, the Yugoslav economy
>was a market economy, and I do not blame the workers for not being
>terribly interested in playing the market game.
>My own vision of socialism is that it should be a planned economy in
>which the direct producers should be given quite a bit of authority,
>and that they will have to learn to use it, probably making many
>mistakes early on.
>Some intellectuals will sneer at the workers, tell them to learn first
>how to type apostrophs before they make decisions that affect the
>whole economy. Others will give them helpful hints, and criticisms
>which are not putdowns.
>If we cannot integrate Robert Malecki in a productive way into our
>joint efforts on this list, how can we claim to be in favor of a
>worker-controlled economy?
>Hans Ehrbar.

Professor Ehrbar, the apostle of double dealing comes back from under his
blankett of conquered fears to predicate unity of humans with roaches. I
still remember your "secret messages" full of slimy professions of
friendship during the initial struggle in this list - in which we were
compelled to fight brutally for a right to express our ideas.  You will
remember too that I told you straight away to stop using the term comrade in
referring to me, because I do not like boot-lickers, even if they are

Later, you revealed in public that your real intention was all along to be
able to stab me in the back. If any one does not believe me: There is the
record and if Professor Hans questions it, I will publish the exchange he
had with me before coming out in his Kerensky/Gorbachev role unto the open.
I have no obligation to respect any unsolicited mail which was only sent for
hypocritical motives.

What has changed today, my dear Kerensky?  Nothing!.  I regard you even
lower in the scale of human evolution than I regard malecki, and of no use
whasoever for the working class, and you can stuff all your academic degress
wherever you like, they do not impress me an iota.  It is not because of
their word, but because of their deeds that people are found to be wanting
or not.  And whatever you say, it comes from a hypocrite's mouth, and that
is enough for me to dismiss it with contempt. Happy, now?


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