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Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Jun 24 14:17:29 MDT 1996

Louis Earl of Proyect wrote:

>Louis: Actually, Hulak, everybody on the list despises Malecki except
>Malecki himself whose self-love knows no bounds. He is a person who has
>absolutely no political experience at all in the difficult terrain of
>revolutionary party-building, but who tries to speak with a mantle of
>authority typical of people who are at the heads of state. He always
>refers to himself as "Malecki". This is equivalent to what is often called
>the "royal we".

As someone who is often irritated and annoyed by Malecki, and
who has basically zero points of political agreement with him,
Matt feels obligated to state that nonetheless we don't "despise" him,
and don't think we're alone in that regard.  Oleachea on the other

-- HRH Matt "We also like Louis, of course" D.

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