Mexico City May Day 1997

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Mon Jun 24 15:07:24 MDT 1996

	How to get the ball rolling... good question.  I guess the first
thing to do is to start raising the idea and see what people think.  I
will see what people think about it in my union, in the Labor Party
chapter I'm in and in Labor Militant.
	I will also raise it with people I know in the three unions listed
below.  The Teamsters might be a good place to start:  they just
sponsored a solidarity rally here in Boston for the Brazilian community
on the day before the General Strike in Brazil.  However, the Teamsters
are also pre-occupied with their Presidential election.
	Also, I could get in touch with F.A.T. rep.s in various ways.
	Have U.S. trade unionists ever visited Mexico en masse before?
	What is the World Trade union conference in Cuba and who organized it?

				In Solidarity,
						Jeff Booth

On 24 Jun 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:

>  >> I guess you were being ironic but think about it:  what
>  a great idea!  I'm serious.  Why can't we (the Labor movement and some of the
> Left) organize a sizable contingent to hook up with the F.A.T. next May Day in
> Mexico city?!?  I realize this would be extremely difficult but not
> impossible.  The Teamsters, UNITE!, the U.E. and other unions have been doing
> work in Mexico and could help.  The Labor Party could help. Imagine a big U.S.
> contingent:  what a boost for international solidarity! <<Jeff Booth
>  Jeff,
>   Hey, I am all for it. That and the Cuba world tu conference. I can think of
> a few folks around here that would be interested. How could we get the ball
> rolling?
>   Jon Flanders
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