Another flourish by Adolfo and the syndrome of Cassandra

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Mon Jun 24 16:48:36 MDT 1996

>Despite Adolfo's strange attempt to kick the ball into touch,
>(I don't think he realises that some English leftists
>are hoping for a German win this Wednesday)
>Adolfo has still walked into the open trap.
>The same crude logic is applied to me  - "your boss Howard" -
>as is applied to Quispe - "agent of Fujimori"
>- and worse still to
>a man facing deportation to Peru. That according to Adolfo
>is just a charade of no consequence for human rights because by
>some piece of merciless logic, the affair has been constructed
>by the agents of Fujimori.
>And Adolfo's anti-revisionist logic extends to summary execution,
>with much humour about the salt mines, and the purges.
>Condescending or not, I am just pointing out to Adolfo that
>the longer he presents himself with this sort of logic the more
>he will expose his credibility to other members of the l'st.
>Too bad if he finds me arrogant. It sounds pretty arrogant to
>me to suggest, "If I want a Labour
>MP to do my shoe laces, I'll get a dozen whenever I want"
>In New York, people might be working hard to try to press the Senate
>foreign relations committee to intervene for Calero, like they did for
>Berenson, but Adolfo can get a dozen labour MP's in London whenever he
>I'm not impressed by Quispe's jibes about Adolfo being senile,
>but this sort of political machismo is a bit long in the tooth.
>Chris B

Look Cassandra:

All the woe and all the dark forebodings you foresee, we have already come
thru before, and will come thru again without stooping to blacken your
vestal virgin's doorway!  So, piss off!  "Quispe" is your cup of tea.  A
born capitulator belly crawling to the imperialist chieftains after he sold
them the goods on poor Calero.

You want to do something useful, and stop your silly stiff upper lip
prattle?  Why don't you join malecki's bonzo expedition?  You can light his
petrol with your Amnesty International candle, and save him having to buy
some matches.  Or better again, why don't you stand outside the US embassy
with a protect Calero sign, take a picture and send to self-effacing
"Quispe" informing him that the London "masses" are out in force for his
cardboard hero.  I notice not a word of yours for the 400 endangered
refugees in Sweden either.  For you only Calero exists?  Why?  Because that
gives you a tool for your Home Office like fishing expeditions?  Grow up!

Meanwhile, we communists will continue, undeviatingly, to fight revisionism
and capitulation of the revolution, that is our main task and nothing you
say will deflect it in any way, Cassandra.  Even if we have to die, it will
be fighting revisionism and imperialism.  So, we cannot loose.  Contrary to
your dire predictions, we, the communists, the proletariat and the people,
are the Greeks, not the Troyans of the story.  It is the bourgeoisie which
we despise strategically, and our tactics, are ours and you'll find them out
when they hit you in the choppers.

A Greek is of course what you are not, unless you be Prince Phillip in
disguise. You are but a used and torn "Troyan":  If you ever were a Maoist,
you capitulated long ago, and now you only toy with the ashes of your
beliefs in the most repellent bourgeois decandent fashion, and that is all
you have for a contribution to "Marxism".

As to the individual Calero, Maoists never centre on individuals.  We defend
individuals for what they represent for the class and the people and not the
other way round. Therefore we must establish first what does this individual
represents.  We did not sow the doubts.  But we will not be railroaded by
pity or human sentiment alone.  Experience tells us that such is the road of
capitulation, besides being also the road of really grevious harm to the
people's cause.  Our lives are nothing but flickers of time.

Any Maoist is more than familiar with this argument which is precisely the
whole point in the struggle with Co-RIM and its International Emergency
Committee.  For any Maoist of PCP school, you have already proven our case
against "Quispe" ten times over.  So thanks a bunch, and don't forget to
flush the toilet when you leave your "thinking Englishman's" throne!


Adolfo  Olaechea

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