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Charlotte Kates ckates at
Mon Jun 24 18:17:20 MDT 1996

At 05:03 PM 6/24/96 EDT, Chris wrote:
>Despite Adolfo's strange attempt to kick the ball into touch,
>(I don't think he realises that some English leftists
>are hoping for a German win this Wednesday)
>Adolfo has still walked into the open trap.
>The same crude logic is applied to me  - "your boss Howard" -
>as is applied to Quispe - "agent of Fujimori"
>- and worse still to
>a man facing deportation to Peru. That according to Adolfo
>is just a charade of no consequence for human rights because by
>some piece of merciless logic, the affair has been constructed
>by the agents of Fujimori.

Chris, what are you trying to do? Get back at Adolfo for tearing apart your
arguments? If so, it's not working. What Adolfo says makes sense. Examine
the situation--and even if you think Calero is an innocent victim of the US
government and Fujimori--"Quispe"'s guilt comes through here in implicating
Calero as a member of the "MPP-USA" and an "activist" and "comrade" twenty
days before his arrest.

And yet you continue to absolve "Quispe" and condemn Adolfo. "Quispe" can
say anything, do anything, get Calero arrested in the first place, and you
say nothing. Yet when Adolfo asks thoughtful questions and analyzes the
situation, as well as exposing "Quispe"'s fingering of Calero, you condemn him.

"Quispe" does not belong at the head of any MPP. Neither do the bunch of
capitulators and traitors in Europe. "Quispe", in declaring himself "the
MPP", does not bring himself any closer in reality to the PCP. It is the Sol
Peru Committees like those in London and Belgium who, much more than the
false "MPP"s, represent the revolutionary line of the PCP.

It is not, as you claim, a "credibility war" between the MPP's and
Sol-Peru's. It is a matter of capitulation and betrayal by the false "MPPs".
It is a matter of upholding ideology and the revolutionary line by the

Declaring oneself to be an "MPP" does not, alas, make it so. Nor does it
make one a representative of the PCP.



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