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Mon Jun 24 19:34:35 MDT 1996

Zeynep wrote:

>I just learned that four participants returning from the annual congress
>held in Ankara of Hadep, pro-Kurdish party, were gunned down, by
>"unidentified" you-know-who. One survived in critical condition, they
>thought he was also dead.
>Today, Ankara, the capital, was a big battle field, as the supreme court
>tried to shut down another socialist party, "The Labour Party" and strong
>clashes between the police and their supporters left hundreds wounded. I'm
>told that there are no pavement stones left in the center of the city, as
>they were the main weapons -to be pried out and thrown. Many other
>socialist/communist parties have already been declared "illegal".

And the footage on the news tonight showed a real shift compared to May
Day. Much more polarization. The police brutality was South African in its
kicking and clubbing frenzy. Really interesting were the pictures from the
Hadep congress of the open PKK symbols and the Turkish flag being cut down.

>I have been saying ever since I came on the list- this place is boiling from
>the inside.

Too right. But where's it going to boil to?

>Expect more.

Can't wait.

>I will try to post more analysis about Turkey.

Please do. Have you got the numbers of demonstrators? What were the
onlookers doing and saying? What is the reaction of organized labour? Are
there signs of any wavering among sections of the police or armed forces?
Does the absence of political authority encourage a sense of freedom to
assert dissenting views? Is this pushing the police to harsher repression?
How deep actually is the crisis of political legitimacy in Turkey?

The feeling I get reminds me a bit of both Spain in the leadup to the fall
of the Falangist dictatorship and Argentina before the fall of the military
dictatorship. But where are the bearers of the bourgeois democratic
counter-revolution in Turkey?



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