Cockroach Socialism and the English "Rose"

hariette spierings hariette at
Mon Jun 24 20:48:26 MDT 1996

>Rahul writes:
>>This is profoundly condescending, Hans.
>Takes one to know one.

Not to worry my friend. That bullet ricochets on the sender too!

Support for malecki is just another afterthought of our Mr. Rodwell.  Just
like his "support for the revolution in Peru", but concrete backing for its
worst enemies.

I gather Rodwell, the English social-chauvinist, is just pissed off at my
digs at Terry Venables and Gazza, and is making you pay for it.  All in all,
the poor fellow is nothing but a voyeur of the revolution, and you must
excuse him his taste for roaches and his intentional insults on the working

I think that behind every windbag waiting around for others to give him the
opportunity to grab the rose fertilised by the blood of millions making the
revolutions he schematically dissects in front of his telly, there is always
a roach struggling to come out!  Roses to Roses and Roaches to Roaches!


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