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Mon Jun 24 21:33:34 MDT 1996

You wrote:
>Marcelina: Olaechea only exists in the Marxist list 1. That's his
>He used to beg and cry to The New Flag to publish his "self-promoting"
>garbage in the recent past. We encouraged him to hook himself to the
>Internet (that's all he can do, he is too old and worn out to do
>else, he is a fake according to our comrades of England from the
>genuine Sol Peru.) Remember, all the adjectives he uses against Luis
>was used against many others in this list (the record is there.) His
>credibility is zero. He is a vulgar charlatan.

  Comrade A.O. is perhaps the most authorative Marxist on this list. He
also is a leading member of Sol Peru London, which has initiated a Call
for the World Mobilization in support of the People's War in Peru. He
also has contributed enormously to exposing the fake MPP-usa and the
avakinist co-rim as enemies of the Peoples War. It is because of this
that you try to slander him.
  His work On Old and New Fascism in my opinion is brillant Marxist
analysis. Much better than the editorials written by the new flag,
which lack any substance and are totally unreadable. His appearing on
this list has helped me enormously in developing my understanding of
Marxism, Leninism, Maoism.
  What contributions have the new flag and there "great leader" quipe,
made to this list? Yes, they have slandered people for being drunks,
drug-addicts even being old. You guys are pathetic, and so is anyone
who follows you.

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