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It's unfortunate that other l'st members are deleting polemics about
cockroaches and rats, if that prevents them commenting on and moderating
the political content of the vicious battle that is being fought out here
Adolfo and Luis.

The political content is about the nature of solidarity abroad by
a) compatriots b) sympathisers
 with a guerilla war in a third world country
as the agenda of international capital shifts from neo-colonialism to
and communications to the party leading the war are extremely tenuous, allowing
different interpretations of its wishes.

Certain political issues come up.
Is the People's War exclusively a war or does it have a political
content? How do you explain and educate about that political content?
 What compromises if any, do you make in
solidarity work in order to work with others, or do you try to intensify
with the war on its own?
How do you defend the combatants against allegations of atrocities?
How do you promote the ideology behind the guerilla war?
Do you work towards the setting up of a new international?
How do you deal with a) muddle headed people making errors
b) opportunists
c) police provocateurs in the age of the internet?
How do you deal with liberals?

If that is too abstract a perspective to get a handle on it, look out for the
of which are the genuine organs of international solidarity with the PCP.

As El Diario Internacional No 34 puts it in a highly biassed way:-

"Theme 2:

Which are the genuine generated organisms of the Communist Party of Peru
(PCP) abroad after October 1993?  The truth about mercenaries and
individuals who have been fabricating counterfeit "Peru People's Movements
(MPPs)".  Opportunists, mercenaries, mentally derranged people, or
infiltrated agents?"

These are some of the handles as I see it. Ridiculous, petty, and vicious
some of the exchanges are, the issues will come round again in other forms
in other countries.

Chris  B

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