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Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Jun 25 01:01:27 MDT 1996

>At 12:31 PM 6/24/96, Hans Ehrbar wrote:
>>If we cannot integrate Robert Malecki in a productive way into our
>>joint efforts on this list, how can we claim to be in favor of a
>>worker-controlled economy?
>Just because you profess faith in the wisdom of the working class as a
>whole doesn't mean you have to tolerate every member of the actually
>existing working class today. I've met lots of people with little formal
>education who were nonetheless intelligent and thoughtful; alas, Malecki
>doesn't qualify.

Thank goodness! I haven,t passed Doug,s intelligence test. He wants suckers
that believe the shit he is writing on this list. The real problem is that
Doug and others hate Trotskyists.

Because we have a program and a history of Bolshevik politics..

Despite all the name calling on this list, its the Trotskyist politics that
people hate.

Warm Regards Malecki in exile..

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