What a plonker! Do something useful malecki!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Jun 25 01:01:48 MDT 1996

>Unlike you, a liberal to the core, Marxists want to know who is the man they
>are suppossed to help.  Not just if he is is imprison.  Some of your antics
>with the Vietnamese people could land you in prison, malecki.  But then
>there are a lot of roaches there too. You are not dealing with Amnesty
>International here, malecki, you are dealing with people who know that to
>protect the life of hundreds, thousands and even millions, the important
>thing is to establish the facts, and the facts in these case is that it
>stinks rancidly of a Fujimori plot.

Aldolfo, the Stalinist line on the United Front is the problem. You can not
defend anyone with this. In fact your ultra sectarian line stands in the way
of building any kind of defense whats so ever for people imprisoned in
prison both in Peru and elsewhere. By forcing people to accept every specch
that Gonzalo made in his lifetime and the full program of the PCP is
basically suicidal and stupid. It means that you have never understood
anything about Leninist tactics. But Stalinist tactics you are and expert at...
>That for you, an agent of Fujimori like "Quispe" can command any degree of
>credibility, when it is clear that he both pointed the finger, as well as
>identified the target for this con-game, only demonstrates that idiots and
>policemen gravitate together for apparently mysterious reasons that anyone
>with an ounce of common sense does not even need to ask why!

Once again Stalinist slander and name calling because of you inability to
understand the difference between the real enemy and a faction fight. The
whole history of Stalinism has been to paint your opponents as cops and
agents in order to avoid your own bankrupt political line that has led to
defeat after defeat of the workers movement..
>Why do you go jump on a lake malecki, or better, take the bonzo road to
>Stockholm with your can of petrol and your box of matches, and do something
>useful with your life!  After all, think of all the free publicity for your
>book and cartoon movies!  What a powerful ending that would be!

I bet you wish that i jump in a lake, or burned myself or whatever. Then
Aldolfo could go on with his Stalinist fake revolutionary line without some
real Bolshevik Leninist critisism..

It is not a slump that Aldolfo has been "amused by malecki". He knows that
Trotskyism is his deadly political enemy. It time and again has proved what
Aldolfo,s political trajectory really is.. That is why he is devoting so
much time to slander and as of late to build a new list and excluding the
Trotskyist Malecki. He is getting desperate like the ivory tower did here at
one time..

Well, we will just have to take one day at a time.Aldolfo,s line is a dead
end for the International proletariat. Stalinism is dead. Good!

Malecki in exile
aka Aldolo,s new agent of Fugimora

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