Pro- vs. anti-NAFTA

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Jun 25 01:01:43 MDT 1996

>What about the term "annexation"?  Lenin says that imperialism strives for
>the annexation of all kind of countries.  What is the essence of NAFTA?  I
>see it as agression upon the economy of the Mexican people and development
>of US imperialist policy towards Latin-America.  I think it is in the same
>category as the Alliance for Progress and other forms of imperialist
>penetration.  All this has to do with the question of the "national
>bourgeoisie".  Unfortunately, this debate cannot be carried out among
>plonkers like malecki if we expect to learn anything from each other.
>Ignoring them is not enough. They are distractive.

Aldolfo, you can,t even get on the right side of the class line in Peru. And
talking about disruption your factional war the last months with the Red
Flag where the main line has been snakes and agents of Fugimora is hardly
enlightened anyone. But it is interesting to note that you are trying to get
the Trotskyist malecki out of your way in a bureaucratic manner. This by
starting a third list where Aldolfo does not have to deal with the Trotskisy

You have no answer to our line Aldolfo. That is what enrages you. That is
always been the case with the Stalinists and the reformists. A united front
of hate against the Bolshevik-Trotsktyist line..

Hey Ho my little Srtalinist Lizard..

malecki in exile...
aka Aldolfo,s new agent of Fugimora

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