Another flourish by Adolfo

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Jun 25 01:02:01 MDT 1996

Chris writes;
>The same crude logic is applied to me  - "your boss Howard" -
>as is applied to Quispe - "agent of Fujimori"
>- and worse still to
>a man facing deportation to Peru. That according to Adolfo
>is just a charade of no consequence for human rights because by
>some piece of merciless logic, the affair has been constructed
>by the agents of Fujimori.
>And Adolfo's anti-revisionist logic extends to summary execution,
>with much humour about the salt mines, and the purges.

Chris has got your number Aldolfo. Hats off to Chris. Malecki takes a bow..

Warm regards

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