The English "Rose" & cut of the month

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Tue Jun 25 05:36:26 MDT 1996

To honour the silly season, Kevin C picked up on Adolf O's dribble:

>> I gather Rodwell, the English social-chauvinist, is just pissed off at my
>> digs at Terry Venables and Gazza, and is making you pay for it.  All in all,
>> the poor fellow is nothing but a voyeur of the revolution, and you must
>> excuse him his taste for roaches and his intentional insults on the working
>> class.
>        Can the talk about English football, social chauvinism, and
>cockroaches please stop for a bit, at least until Malecki's mail server
>sends out his next batch of 6 messages? Thinking about it I think the
>issues are quite clear: England has a great soccer team, and is playing
>its best soccer in years. Gazza has made some nice plays in the
>tournament, though I must admit Ince was stupid in taking the yellow in
>the match against Holland and I strongly feel that no matter how many
>cockroaches show up in Wembley Stadium that England will lose by a solid
>margin to Germany, with or without Klinsmann.
>        Is sports talk and bar-room antics good for the Marxism List?
>Probably not for a hierachial purist like myself. So take it to
>,, sci.biology, and alt.table.manners.

Bet none of you knew that David Coleman (inspiration of Private Eye column
'Coleman-balls') interviewed Klinsmann when his muscle got ripped. It went
like this:

        Coleman: How's it feel?
        Klinsmann: Well, I'll miss the semi, but I'll be OK for the final.
        Coleman: Yes, we hope you'll enjoy watching it with the rest of us!

The thing was suppressed for reasons of national security (also it wouldn't
help Klinsmann's application for British citizenship -- he's applied in
secret along with Cantona to give England an unstoppable forward line for
the next World Championships).

Klinsmann was immediately dropped from the German squad (hence the talk
about not being fit for the rest of the tournament) at the suggestion of
the French for capitulating to the British federalist, multi-nation,
chauvinist, mad-cow vision of the European Union.

Coleman was sent to Belfast to infiltrate the Prodestant paramilitaries for
his unflappable gut-reaction patriotism.

Interesting to see the newsgroups other list subscribers hang out on. My
favourite when I've got the time is nz.general.



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