Concern is for liberals.

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Jun 25 08:08:21 MDT 1996

>On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>> To repeat a point I've made before. Why do so many Americans on the list
>> think that Robert's great concern with ghetto kids and the Vietnam war
>> makes him into a candidate for the valley of the dinosaurs?
>Louis: "Concern" is for liberals. Nobody objects to this. What people
>object to is his never-ending posturing as the last Bolshevik on earth. If
>Malecki spent two weeks or so just pretending like he was an ordinary
>mortal like the rest of us, a lot of the tension would disappear. This
>list is not quite like the public commons. If Malecki (or you, for the
>matter) were passing out leaflets to the passing crowd, I would take one,
>read it and then throw it a garbage can. But to listen day in and day out
>to the both of you reading the rest of us out of the revolutionary
>movement raises my temperature to a very high degree.

Louis your right! If we were passing out leaflets you could throw it away.
Here you have to answer for your politics with the opposition to those
politics..And actually your wrong too. I would not bother with you if i
didn,t think it worth while. Actually you are fairly clever! The problem is
that the SWP made you turn your back on the only solution for you and the
working class. A Bolshevik Leninist line based on the historic struggles of
the left opposition. There is still time Louis to change your mind.

But if you continue to defend the line that you are presently putting out
here then you have to take the consequences of that..

>Why not declare a moratorium on labelling people as "opportunists",
>"Mensheviks", "reformists"? Make your political points in a substantive
>manner and not categorize people's thoughts in a totalizing manner. This
>is what would cool temperatures above all.

Perhaps you my friend would like some big happy family here that is nice to
each other. But there is a lot at stake Louis. The future of humanity. So
your moratorium sounds a bit ridiculous. Unfortunately or fortunately, i
guess it depends how you see this stuff, the history of the marxist movement
has a great tradition of labels.

However these labels have a political context.

You "trotskyists" is also a label.

So calm down Louis. The discussion is doing fine. Some of the great labels
of the workers movement are meeting and ideas are clashing and thrashing.
Lots of lurkers are perhaps learning something through these clashes.

And I still say that, despite your rotten political line of hating the
Trotskyists above everything, your ability to produce material to this list
is quite helpful..

By the way, your polemics with the state caps shows that somehow there is a
bit of Torotskyist in you to fall back on. Unfortunately your hate for the
Trotskyists, or is it the SWP? makes you leap to the right in drawing
conclusions. No wonder they want to debate you.

It makes me quite angry that the SWP has destroyed some very intelligent
people. Too bad..

Warm regards

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