Traduttore -- traditore (was Silence is scandal)

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Jun 25 08:40:51 MDT 1996

Al=F6dolfo writes;
>What have you done of practical value to support the struggle of the
>Peruvian community there where you are suppossed to have your "marxist

I think i already presented to this list a united front effort in this area.=
Unfortunately you didn,t like it. In fact you expect people to take part in=
your United front with the full program of the PCP and support every speech=
that Gonzalo has made. Above that, one has to condemn everybody who you=20
think is a traitor or and agent of Fugimora.

However if you have changed your mind on the United front perhaps something=
could be done. Nobody particully likes the present policies of the Swedish=
government on foreign immigrants including the Peruvians.

And work around this and other questions facing foreign nationals is=20
vital.But in order to get there you have to break with your ultra sectarian=
line on solidarity work. The only thing that it does is make you look like=
and idiot..=20
>I will only take you in any way seriously, when instead of regurgitating
>what everybody knows about marxism, that there are going to be "wars and
>revolutions", that the "revolution advances in waves", that the
>"emancipation of the working class is.... etc", when you show some respect
>for Thesis XIV on Ludwig Feurbach:
>"Philosophers have ......etc!  And do something about it.  At present, your
>famous nose for detecting traitors is showing only able to smell the farts
>of the capitulators and Fujimori agents, and moreover, proclaim them
>smmelling of "roses".

Your foaming at the mouth again Aldolfo. You see, serious solidarity work is=
going to have to be based in the trade unions, but also outside of the=20
unions. However That means making temporary unity with reformists and other=
traitors in the workers movement. It also means that we can reach a lot of=
people that have not accepted a program for revolution. Never mind your=20
idiot dribble of a national democratic revolution. Which in fact is a hinder=
to proletarian unity..

>I am glad to see that Trotskysm (the anti-bolshevick trend in Trotskysm) is
>coming out in force to cover up for a police agency and playing blind bluff
>with the evidence which is on the record.  You will in the end be mighty
>embarrassed again, but then, for you guys that would not be a first time at
>all! Even the Gestapo you saw as incarnating "working class values" at one

Whats coming to the fore here is that some people are actually taking some=
steps in the right direction away from you and your red front ideas. It is a=
small step however a step.. You my friend are left in a raging impodence of=
not being able to do anything other then scream traitors and Fujimora=
>Only the black fascists of the SWP now remain silent. But then they are on
>the record as actually wanting all Maoists to go to hell directly, without
>even passing thru jail.  When is Mr. Rose going to show his hand and=
>the Fujimori agents?  We await with interest, since that will really clinch
>this whole exercise for our own purposes of showing the true nature of the
>"Quispe" outfit to the Maoists, loyal communists, and democratic masses of
>the world.

And now you are labeling the SWP as facists Aldolfo. Hmmm..Your losing it=20
Aldolfo. Your political trajectory is on the way to isolation and talking to=
your self in the mirror..The good old days of Stalinism no longer have sway=
here Aldolfo. Why don,t you study some Trotsky or take a beginners course in=
some English organisation who claim to be Trotskyist. It would be a small=20
step forward for you Aldolfo. And with your brain you could be helpful to=20
the Proletarian cause..

Theres still time Aldolfo. The ship is going down and your on it. But being=
a fighter you still have a chance. Why even accepting some basics on the=20
United front would help you in taking a small step. And perhaps helping some=
of the Peruvians at present faced with deportation both here in sweden and=

malecki in exile
aka Aldolfos new agent of Fujimora

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