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Tue Jun 25 13:29:25 MDT 1996

>On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>> It makes me quite angry that the SWP has destroyed some very intelligent
>> people. Too bad..
>That does it, Robert. I've taken the last long-distance insult from you
>I'm going to take. I'm boarding the next plane over to Sweden in order
>to give you a good whupping.
>I'll be arriving on Svensk airlines flight 102 that arrives in Stockholm
>at 7:10 tomorrow morning. I will then take a cab from the airport right
>over to Husqvarna Boulevard between Nilsson and Vjernsborg Streets.
>There is a gym at 234 Husqvarna called "Olaf's" that I used to train at
>when I was on shore leave from the Merchant Marines.
>I want you to meet me there at 6pm. I will be the big guy in red boxing
>trunks at the foot of the ring. I used to box professionally under the
>ring name "Jewie Louie" and I haven't slowed down a bit.
>After I get finished pummelling you into submission, I will wrest the
>following concessions from you:
>1) You will have to go back to grammar school in order to learn how
>to spell and punctuate at a sixth grade level. Enough of Robert
>Malecki;s cockeyed punctuation, for christ"s sake.
>2) You will have to get a regular job. No more freeloading at hippie
>3) You will have eat "Ultraleftism, An Infantile Disorder" page by
>page. No ketchup or mustard allowed.

Hi Louis:  Could you take along a Bonzo's robe for malecki on my behalf?  It
seems he is not prepared to put his money where his mouth is!  Maybe he is
too stingy and wants to keep his huge royalties all to himself.  That must
be the reason why he is not setting out with his can of petrol (how many
kronen you reckon for a can of petrol?) down the highway to Stockholm.  He
must be unable to afford the robe, the poor dear, being such a deprived and
downtrodden individual, all that jazz.

Once malecki gets a robe, he should pick up his wooden begging bowl and
begin collecting some money from the masses, to help victims of fascism in
Peru, Sweden, the USA and the rest of the world.  How is that for a suitable
occupation for "bolshevick" malecki?  I should not hink there will be a need
to to be violent with him for him to undertake this chore.  Willingly he'll
do that and send the funds to the political prisoners and prisoners of war
in Peru, would't he?   Whadda you think?


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