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Satraps and Antiterrorism

>From April 23 to 26 took place in Lima what has pompously been described as
the "First Special Inter-American Conference on Terrorism".  Purportedly
organised by the Organitation of American States (OAS) but no one under any
illusion that the puppet masters of the show were US functionaries.  The
Conference was attended by 35 member countries of OAS, including, naturally,
the USA.

The proceedings were aimed at coordinating and "cooperating to prevent,
combat and eliminate terrorism".  According to the participants, the
"stability of the region has to be secured by the right of any democracy to
defend itself from all forms of violence.

It was agreed to tipify all "acts of terrorism" as serious "common crimes",
and adopting this criteria it was agreed to "deny the right of asylum or
refugee status to those indicted as terrorists and to speed up to the
maximum the extradition process when other countries judicial authorities
issue warrants for their arrest"

The countries of OAS, from the USA to Haiti, were all agreed in establishing
"close coordination" between the police and military apparatusses in order
to "combat terrorism in the region".  With this end in mind, they would set
up mechanisms to make counter-insurgency appatusses more effective under the
lead of the USA at the continental level.

On his part, the tin-pot tyrant Fujimori presented himself as the "champion
of anti-terrorist struggle", and bitterly complained that "some countries
and institutions abroad are supporting and financing" the Peoples War in
Peru.  He said that abroad there is "mis-information and lack of
understanding on the question of the war that the Peruvian state is still
fighting against the remnants of subversion".  In the same speech, he
attacked some Peruvian institutions who criticise the anti-insurgency
policies of his regime.  He accussed them of being "disguised as defenders
of Human Rights".

Anti-Terrorist Law in USA: A copy of the Holy Inquisition

At the same time as the Anti-Terrorist Conference of OAS in Lima was in
session, back in America Bill Clinton was signing into law a fascist style
law hardening American policy in the field of the so called "anti-terrorist

This law curtails the right to Habeas Corpus, the rights of appeal to the
state level, and it allows the use of secret evidence in court, principally
against foreigners.  The right of asylum and political refugee status is
restricted nearly to extinction.  What is worse, in Clinton's
"anti-terrorist law" the right of opinion is supressed.  American citizens
as well as foreign residents can be easily jailed for expressing their
sympathies with groups or movements struggling for freedom and socialism.
In this way "Free America" turns into a country entering dark medieval times
like those of the Holy Inquisition when even thinking against the
established order was sufficient to be burnt alive.

America:  A Time Bomb

Both the OAS Conference and the decision of the US to change their laws in
order to adequate it for political repression, are aimed at the same
objective:  To prepare and implement a repressive offensive in the US and in
each of the countries of Latin America.

These plans are linked to the grave crisis the continent is going through
and which brings in its wake consequences in the social, economical and
political fields which determines that these countries are but a time bomb
waiting to be set-off.   Indeed,  the armed struggles taking place in
Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru are but some of the manifestations of a
situation tending to expand to other areas.

No 34 - May 1996

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