Adam gored by humourless Yank

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Tue Jun 25 14:45:06 MDT 1996

Louis wrote:

>Hugh, the next time I write anything that gives you the impression
>that I am aspiring for the "leadership of the proletariat", please tap me
>on the shoulder. I will then go take a very powerful laxative. It is only
>full of shit faux-Bolsheviks like yourself that speak in such grandiose

The leadership is aspired to not by you as 'poor, bare, forked animal' but
by you as provider of policies and setter of agendas, or perhaps more
accurately by you as spoiler and preventer of policies being provided and
agendas being set.

Go take a laxative anyway. It'll do you good. Enemas are supposed to be
particularly effective.



PS  Louis, history is pretty grandiose in itself, regardless of any terms
in which I might choose to describe it. Of course, it depends on how
clearly you can see it developing.

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