Traduttore RODWELL want to teach grannies how to suck egges!

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Tue Jun 25 18:15:44 MDT 1996

Re: Traduttore RODWELL want to teach grannies how to suck egges!

Mr H. Immler-Rodwell vegetating in Sweden speaks thus:

>Adolf O informs those of us who didn't know that:
>>There are 400 Peruvians under threat in Sweden,
>He quotes one case and then goes on to vituperate everybody for the
>remaining k's of his posting.
>It's obvious that the fate of the asylum seekers under threat, the question
>of the murderous turn taking by Swedish refugee policy (and immigrant
>policy, as all 'immigrants' are now lumped in the same bag as refugees and
>will be located for a number of years exactly where the government wants
>them -- all this a couple of years after the fall of the wall and the
>wiping out of all such totalitarian excesses, ha!) -- that none of this is
>more important to Adolf than vomiting bile over his opponents of the
>This is not the way to get anyone to listen, least of all sincere national
>bourgeois (treacherous national bourgeois will be all ears -- they're
>always on the lookout for useful dupes) or build a revolutionary movement.

I have no interest in you, "Hugh the condescending saviour", listening to
the woes of the oppressed for his own amusement and edification. The
question is what you, self proclaimed "proletarian revolutionary" are doing
about this concrete issue?  As you admit, it has been going on for quite a
while.  Have you ever concerned yourself before?  No, it is only now when
you think you can make anti-Maoist hay that you notice!  Hypocrite!   You
have DONE (like in PRAXIS,  doing, acting, putting into practice) nothing at
all, except telling us, all over again, what everybody knows:  "The
reactionary bourgeoisie of the imperialist countries is very, very naughty"!

What would we need you for that?  Is that all a "Marxist" can do?  To tell
people, that yes, the evils of capitalism are many?  Who do you take people
for? Blind fools?

I think that we should also consider shaving this moron's tresses and change
his "red" ballerina's tutu for a saffon robe, and send him on his way along
with malecki with their begging bowls to get some money and buy themselves
some petrol and do the only decent and useful thing they can do.  Talk about
"philosophers changing the world"!  What a sick joke these Nerd-Trots are.
Windbags and eunuchs to the last "monk-roach" among them!.


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