Turkey update - another report from Ankara

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Tue Jun 25 18:43:02 MDT 1996

At 20:35 25-06-96 +0300,  Zeynep Tufekcioglu wrote:

>I have a lot of friends who know I post around the internet. I've received
>the following report from Ankara. I am posting it to the list, verbatim.

Thanks Zeynep,
What strikes me is, that the report says that very few in the
neighborhood actually do follow the media call - but at the same time
concludes, that the right wing "sets the agenda".

I have some questions for understanding the Turkish situation. If some
of them have been answered in some previous posts, I apologize, and
please refer me to it, and I will look it up.

The letter says that the trade unions have been weakened following May
Day events. How - loosing members, organization broken up? Due to
repression or loss of credibility?

And while waiting for your analysis of the development of the Islamic
movement :-) I have a question to how it has developed after islamic
politics has entered "middle of reoad" - politics? Has it deepened a
split between the more radical activists and these "official
politicians"? Or has it rather stregthened islamic politics in general?

Just a brief outline ... :-)


PS: The question of islamic fundamentalism *is* being debated from
time to time also here in Denmark. Typically when "something happens"
in the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa - but also when the right now
and then try out their "the new scare of world politics". So analysis
is appreciated.

Jorn Andersen

Internationale Socialister

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