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In a message dated 96-06-24 21:07:13 EDT, Charlotte wrote:

>Chris, what are you trying to do? Get back at Adolfo for tearing apart your
>arguments? If so, it's not working. What Adolfo says makes sense.

Unfortunately, Charlotte, the "sense" made by what Adolfo says is the
"sense" of the oppressor; the "sense" of those who have a desperate
need to attack the Peruvian revolution and to discredit and demoralize
those who support it with their lives and their actions (not just with high-
handed verbiage in cyberspace)

>the situation--and even if you think Calero is an innocent victim of the US
>government and Fujimori--"Quispe"'s guilt comes through here in implicating
>Calero as a member of the "MPP-USA" and an "activist" and "comrade" twenty
>days before his arrest.
>And yet you continue to absolve "Quispe" and condemn Adolfo. "Quispe" can
>say anything, do anything, get Calero arrested in the first place, and you
>say nothing. Yet when Adolfo asks thoughtful questions and analyzes the
>situation, as well as exposing "Quispe"'s fingering of Calero, you condemn

WHO is attempting to "implicate" and "finger" Julian Calero, implying
that he's something he is not?  It is precisely Adolfo and his followers
who are insisting, over and over, that Julian is the person referred to
in the New Flag post of May 10 -- in spite of the fact that NF maintains
categorically that the reference was to another person entirely.

AO is so desperate to retaliate against NF for thier refusal to bow
down and worship at his WMC altar, that he is willing to sacrifice a
wholly innocent man to whatever fate may await him, rather than
joining wholeheartedly in the effort to free Julian and deny the Yankee
imperialists the opportunity to set a precedent of honoring the
genocidal dictator's extradition order.  What kind of "sense" does
that make?

AO has admitted that he does not know the comrades of NF.  He
has never claimed to know ANYTHING about Mr. Calero, and he has
certainly demonstrated this ignorance over and over in his posts
about the case.  Yet he keeps insisting that oh yes, it was Julian
who was referred to on May 10, ignoring the realities in Peru, that MANY
innocent people are targetted by the regime with no evidence; families
are persecuted with even less.  Stories similar to that of Julian Calero

For example, Lori Berenson was arrested in Peru for "renting a room
to a terrorist"; Calero's wife was arrested in Peru for "renting a room
to a terrorist".  Certainly AO would  not claim that this similarity
indicates that Lori Berenson and Julian's wife are one and the same
person!  Yet that is his logic in tying Julian to the May 10 reference
by NF.  What kind of "sense" does that make?

>"Quispe" does not belong at the head of any MPP. Neither do the bunch of
>capitulators and traitors in Europe. "Quispe", in declaring himself "the
>MPP", does not bring himself any closer in reality to the PCP. It is the Sol
>Peru Committees like those in London and Belgium who, much more than the
>false "MPP"s, represent the revolutionary line of the PCP.
>It is not, as you claim, a "credibility war" between the MPP's and
>Sol-Peru's. It is a matter of capitulation and betrayal by the false "MPPs".
>It is a matter of upholding ideology and the revolutionary line by the
>Declaring oneself to be an "MPP" does not, alas, make it so. Nor does it
>make one a representative of the PCP.

Let's look at these statements:
AO claims to be revealing all sorts of "evidence" to prove that MPP-US
"doesn't exist"; "is a fake"; "is just one guy in New York", etc. etc. etc.
Yet he has never been to New York; has never met ANYONE from NF
or MPP-US.  So where does this vaunted "evidence"come from?

With just as much accuracy and "authority" I could claim that I "know"
that C Kates is really an old man, initials XY, who is not a member of
CPUSA, but who just posts articles from their paper to gain "credibility"
and "legitimacy" from being associated with a well-known leftist
organization.  I could, like AO, claim to "know" this through the
reports of friends in your town, as well as from careful analysis of
your various posts to the marxism list.  What kind of "sense" would
that make?

AO was finally, on June 5, forced to admit that the primary purpose
of WMC is to "unmask" and defeat those he considers "phony"
supporters (i.e., supporters of the People's War in Peru and the
PCP who refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of himself and his
collaborator in Brussels.)  This purpose, according to the text of the
WMC call itself, as well as his direct admission, is primary over
expanding support for the People's War; over explaining and promoting
M-L-M,GT, the guiding ideology of the PW; over creating opposition
to further imperialist intervention against the Peruvian Revolution:
   >In a message dated 96-06-05Adolfo wrote:
   >Jesuits say:
   >The World Mobilisation Commission is more concerned with
   >weeding out enemies of the revolution than with winning potential
   >supporters!  What a genius of discovery!

This focus indeed makes a lot of sense -- for the imperialists and the
reactionaries of Peru who need for the revolution to be isolated,
contained and defeated.  It makes no sense at all for the PCP and
the combatants they lead, who need for the revolution to be understood
and supported in the broadest way possible around the world.

And it makes no sense at all for the international proletariat, the
masses of people of the world and the communists in various countries
who need to learn the theoretical and practical lessons of this vital
experience of revolution in the 90s -- the cutting edge of the new great
wave of the proletarian revolution, and the shining beacon for
revolutionaries everywhere.

Gina/ Detroit

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