Adam gored by humourless Yank

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Jun 26 00:05:30 MDT 1996

Louis writes
>I am much more modest. I belong to no group and offer no solution. I am
>trying to reach other people, though, on this list who are open-minded
>about possible solutions and I rule nothing and nobody out. The only thing
>I ever am cocksure about is the details about class relations in a given
>country in a given time. This is the kind of information that other people
>on the list seem to find useful. I of course don't do anything but consult
>the fabulous research library of my employer to come up this useful


Thats fine. You keep going down to the library and the Trotskyists will
provide the leadership. Sounds like an intelligent way of using the
resources at present on this list..I mean somebody has to help with the
background and problems. While others provide the solutions..

Finally you say that you can offer no solutions. Well, somebody has too!


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