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Wed Jun 26 00:05:37 MDT 1996

>Sports is not just politics, it's political dynamite. As anyone remembering
>that incredible icehockey final between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union
>after the Soviet invasion will never forget. There was even a war between
>El Salvador and Honduras sparked off by a football match! The volatile
>lumpen masses of the Byzantine empire were organized into two huge
>horse-racing factions (Blues and Greens I think it was).

Talking about sports,the match today between England-Germany will be the
ever going reprise of the second world war between these two imperialist

The feminists here in Sweden have been campaigning on the sports issue. That
say that more money is spent on football stadiums and ice hockey rinks (mens
sports) then horse riding stables (womens sport). However they never
critisise Tennis...

At the same time the government is disappointed here with the Swedish
National Team. Not qualifying to the present tournament, at a time of great
unemployment means that a lot of people will not have anything to do with
all their unoccupied time. But rumor has it that the Olympic games in
Atlanta will at least get the government over the summer on this hot issue.

Then the ice hockey season starts...

The biggest emotional event in football history here is the game with
Brazil. For some reason the Swedes have a soft spot for Latin America. Its
probably left over from the days when every third world country had a
delegate at the Social Democratic Congresses.

However, its the American model and IT communication that is going to save
us now. Instead sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching football
games with a chance of seeing the skinheads and racists turn it in to a
riot. The new message for the 90ties is to sit in front of a computer on
Internet with your beercan.


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