Adolfo's sado-machismo

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Wed Jun 26 00:25:35 MDT 1996

The sadism of Adolfo's posts is evident. He enjoys joking
about the gulag, enjoys squashing people, [squish squish], and
rubbishing them as human beings. He enjoyed torturing the l'st
with the fate of Aczueta and enjoys playing with the case
of Calero.

The psychological sadism is clear.

What of the machismo?

It is rare for people to be openly macho these days, but
Adolfo's style is one of using power and strength to overbear
and dismiss. A recent post however made it clear that those
for whom he has contempt are eunuchs.

>>What a sick joke these Nerd-Trots are.
Windbags and eunuchs to the last "monk-roach" among them!.

Eunuch's and monks are contemptible because they are men and do not
fertilise, in other words not really men at all.

Women do not have much status either. In his eyes
Marcelina had no identity at all apart from Luis.

Chris Burford

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