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Wed Jun 26 03:35:45 MDT 1996

I'm not an expert. I knew about the trade war, and that De Valera was basically
in power for a long period through the 20's 30's + 40's - did it go on to the
50's ? 60's ?

Perhaps modernisation in the social sense should be separated from modernisation
in the economic sense, although the later paves the way for the former.

Anyway, my impression is that Southern Ireland started this period relatively
unindustrialised, ( ship building, cotton etc being concentrated in the
North ) and ended it with great Connurbations like Dublin, with a large city
dwelling working class - so that today, urban workers are the
majority of the population ( and this explains the movement in issues like
abortion ).

Sometime in the 50's or 60's , Ireland turned away from the protectionist
"build up your industry behind national borders" strategy towards a more
"integrate into the world economy ( esp EC )" strategy. But, I think like
countries like Egypt + Algeria, this strategy was only a viable option
in Ireland because of the success preceeding phase of "build up your industry
behind national borders".

Long on analysis, short on facts, as ever !


Adam Rose


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